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¿Por qué mencionar la fluoración del agua?

Campaign for Dental Health La vida es mejor con dientes Como profesional de la salud, los pacientes confían en su consejo para vivir vidas más saludables y más largas. Por eso es vital discutir cómo la salud bucal y la fluoración del agua pueden ayudarlo a lograrlo. ¡Aquí hay herramientas que pueden ayudar!

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Conversational Spanish in Pediatric Dentistry

Brought to you by  + Conversational Spanish in Pediatric Dentistry This online handbook will aid professionals in communicating basic concepts, instructions, and information to young Spanish-speaking patients and their parents. Use it to learn basic phrases through listening and repetition, or for quick reference when there is no one available to translate to the patient.

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Dentist Grover “Tooth-Healthy Foods”

Share this page:  Spanish subtitles available within video player. Together with children, watch Grover the goofy dentist learn about tooth-friendly foods. Keep in mind: Water is good for teeth and bodies. It washes away food/bacteria and dilutes acids, and water with fluoride in it strengthens teeth and helps prevent decay. Children should drink water during […]

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Why Mention Water Fluoridation?

Campaign for Dental Health Life is better with teeth As a healthcare professional, patients rely on your advice to live healthier, longer, lives. That is why it is vital to discuss how oral health and water fluoridation can help them do just that. Here are tools that can help!

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