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Elmo’s Toothy Dance Music Video

Share this page: Get funky with oral health! Together with children, perhaps at toothbrushing time, watch the video and groove along with Elmo and his toothy friends as they teach the steps of brushing teeth. Pantomime or do each action Elmo and friends demonstrate: brushing side to side, up and down, front and back, […]

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Dentist Grover “Tooth-Healthy Foods”

Share this page: Together with children, watch Grover the goofy dentist learn about tooth-friendly foods. Keep in mind: Water is good for teeth and bodies. It washes away food/bacteria and dilutes acids, and water with fluoride in it strengthens teeth and helps prevent decay. Children should drink water during meals and snacks, and throughout the […]

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Dentist Grover “How Much Toothpaste?”

Share this page: Together with children, watch goofy Dentist Grover as he learns about how much toothpaste to use. (Remember: “A tiny smear if under three, if older use the size of a pea!”) Notice how the Molar Muppet gets tickled by the brush. Ask, “Do your teeth feel tickly when you brush? How […]

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Dentist Grover “Starting Early”

Share this page: Together with children, watch the video and talk about how much Snazzle loved his dental visit. Schedule a first dental visit within six months after kids’ first tooth, or by their first birthday, then visit the dentist twice a year. Before the first visit, explain to kids that dentists check teeth […]

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