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    With Your Help, We Connect LA’s Children to Oral Health Services & Resources

Creating Community Connections for Healthy, Happy LA Smiles

Improving children’s oral health requires a multi-faceted approach that expands beyond the clinical setting. That is why More LA Smiles has developed More LA Smiles Connections – an online, community-based, oral health intervention tool that connects children with oral health resources and services directly in their neighborhoods, with three ways to engage.

How It Works

Helping You Help Your Children

If you are a teacher, school nurse or community organization that works with children, you can request oral health resources, ranging from dental kits and educational materials to teach students about oral health care, to in-person classroom education and preventive dental screenings by a dental student or licensed professional.

Serve Your Community

If you are a licensed dental professional, a dental student or dental hygiene student, you can sign up to join the More LA Smiles Connections Community Service Network to assist with requests for in-person classroom education or screening and preventive services.

Help Sustain Bright Smiles

You can support More LA Smiles Connections by providing dental materials and supplies for Los Angeles children at no cost.

Community Service Opportunities

Licensed dental professionals, dental/dental hygiene students, and community health workers: We invite you to assist with requests for services.

Services & Resources

Request free oral health resources and services for the children you serve.

Contribute & Support

Help support us by providing dental materials and supplies for LA children.

Have Questions?

We will be happy to answer any questions regarding our opportunities.
Your inquiries will be directed to a More LA Smiles representative, and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

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