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Help Connect Children in Need with Oral Health Services & Education

More LA Smiles Connections uses enabling technology to help connect Los Angeles County children to oral health care resources in local community settings. Various types of community organizations can request a variety of services including oral health screenings, on-site education and home care supplies, preventive services, and assistance with getting connected to local dentists and clinics serving children with Medi-Cal dental coverage.

Oral Health Professionals

MLAS Connections recruits licensed dental professionals and students, community health workers and other qualified professionals to provide evidence-based oral health information and services to children with Medi-Cal dental coverage in Los Angeles County.

Community Based Organizations

Local community organizations (e.g., schools, Head Start programs, WIC sites, child care providers) can request various oral health care resources and/or services.

There Is an Opportunity…

Local community organizations who work directly with children, parents, or child caregivers are the first line of defense for children’s oral health needs. Discover how you can boost your efforts with our resources and services.

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…To Make Connections

Dental professionals and students, community health workers, and other qualified professionals have an opportunity to help cover the growing need for oral health services and education for children across LA County. Learn how you can help make our children smile bright.

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