Online Trainings for Dental Professionals

More LA Smiles provides a number of online trainings on topics ranging from risk-based caries prevention and disease management, managing patient behavior, and working in a COVID-19 environment. These online modules are available to take at any time on any device and will provide CE upon completion. All of our topics are led by UCLA faculty.

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  • Overview of Pediatric Caries Prevention & Disease Management

    Learn about the Dental Transformation Initiative, the More LA Smiles project and the caries experience for LA County children. Review the caries process, how to identify risk levels of patients and treatment options to manage the caries disease.

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  • Caries Management Modalities – Fluoride, ITR and PRRs

    Learn about mechanisms of action and treatment options of fluorides, interim therapeutic restorations, and preventive resin restoration for pediatric patients.

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  • Patient Education and Behavior Management

    Learn about age-appropriate education, oral hygiene instruction, and nutritional counseling for pediatric patients ages 0 -20, and how to assess a pediatric patient based on the child’s developmental level and apply behavior guidance techniques in different age groups

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  • New Approaches to Caries Prevention

    Conducting and Using Caries Risk Assessment and Disease Management in a COVID-19 Environment

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  • Caries Management Modalities

    Risk-Based Caries Prevention and Disease Management

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