Elmo’s Toothy Dance Awareness Campaign

We are proud to partner with Sesame Street in Communities to conduct a children’s oral health awareness campaign with the aim of educating children, families, and caregivers about the importance of oral health.

Join us as we celebrate all-new videos starring some of our favorite famous furry friends – Grover and Elmo! You can support us by sharing our messages, and posting to your social media accounts by using the hashtag #ElmosToothyDance.

How to Support and Participate

Beginning Tuesday, August 25th, 2020, we will premiere the first of our five videos that deliver key oral health messages. New videos will be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the duration of the campaign.

You can help us by supporting and contributing to our oral health awareness campaign across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please feel free to share our posts on your social channels as well.

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Children's Oral Health Videos

  • Starting Early

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/startingearly It’s time for your check-up with #DentistGrover! This video from @moreLAsmiles and Sesame Street in Communities shows regular dentist visits can be fun! #ElmosToothyDance
  • How Much Toothpaste?

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/toothpaste Do you know how much toothpaste kids ages 0-3 should use? #DentistGrover and friends will let you know! @moreLAsmiles @SesameCommunities #ElmosToothyDance
  • Tooth-Friendly Foods

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/healthysnacks Sugary drinks and snack may taste good, but they hurt your teeth! #DentistGrover recommends fruits, veggies and water instead. #ElmosToothyDance
  • Brushy, Booky, Nighty-Night

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/bedtimebrush It’s important to brush twice daily especially before bed! Watch this video from @moreLAsmiles & @SesameCommunity on the importance of routines. #ElmosToothyDance

Elmo's Toothy Dance!

Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/toothydance #ElmosToothyDance! This video from @SesameCommunity is perfect for kids to jam along to while learning healthy brushing habits! #GotMovesLikeElmo

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General Messages

Feel free to use these messages on your social media channels to support our awareness campaign. The goal of this campaign is to deliver key messages to parents, caregivers, and families in order to help transform the understanding and importance of proper children’s oral health and placing the child in a permanent dental home.

  • Have you seen what Elmo and Grover are up to over at @moreLAsmiles and @SesameCommunities? They’re helping improve kids oral health! Check it out: https://moreLAsmiles.org/toothydancecampaign #ElmosToothyDance
  • Join @SesameCommunities and @moeLAsmiles on August 25th to kick off a Children's Oral Health Awareness Campaign starring two of our favorite famous furry friends – Grover and Elmo! All-new videos! An all-new song! http://morelasmiles.org/ElmosToothyDance #ElmosToothyDance
  • On Aug 25th, @SesameCommunities comes to Los Angeles to partner with @moreLAsmiles on an awareness campaign to educate children, families and caregivers about the importance of oral health. Join us! Learn more: http://morelasmiles.org/ElmosToothyDance #ElmosToothyDance
  • Help support @SesameCommunities & @moreLAsmiles in their Children's Oral Health Awareness Campaign! All-new videos starring #DentistGrover, and a new song and video by Elmo! Your kids will love it. Learn more: http://morelasmiles.org/ElmosToothyDance #ElmosToothyDance
  • Help improve children's oral health by supporting the Elmo's Toothy Dance Awareness Campaign presented by @SesameCommunities & @moreLAsmiles! All-new helpful tip videos starring #DentistGrover and a new song by Elmo! http://morelasmiles.org/ElmosToothyDance #ElmosToothyDance

Mensajes generales

Utilice estos mensajes en las redes sociales para apoyar nuestra campaña de concientización. El objetivo de esta campaña es enviar mensajes a los padres, cuidadores y familias para ayudar a transformar la comprensión y la importancia de salud bucal adecuada de los niños.

  • ¿Has visto lo que hacen Elmo y Grover en @moreLAsmiles y @SesameCommunities? ¡Están ayudando a mejorar la salud bucal de los niños! Más información: https://moreLAsmiles.org/toothydancecampaign #ElmosToothyDance
  • Únase con el 25 de agosto para iniciar una campaña "Children’s Oral Health Awareness Campaign" protagonizada por dos de nuestros famosos amigos peludos favoritos: ¡Grover y Elmo! ¡Vídeos completamente nuevos! ¡Una canción completamente nueva! http://morelasmiles.org/ElmosToothyDa
  • El 25 de agosto, @SesameCommunities asociarse con @moreLAsmiles en una campaña de concientización para educar a los niños, y las familias sobre la importancia de la salud bucal. ¡Únete a nosotros! http://morelasmiles.org/ElmosToothyDance #ElmosToothyDance
  • ¡Apoye a @SesameCommunities y @moreLAsmiles en su Children’s Oral Health Awareness Campaign ¡Videos completamente nuevos protagonizados por #DentistGrover y una nueva canción y video de Elmo! A tus hijos les encantará. http://morelasmiles.org/ElmosToothyDance #ElmosTooothyDance
  • ¡Ayude a mejorar la salud bucal de los niños apoyando la campaña “Elmo’s Toothy Dance Awareness Campaign” presentada por @SesameCommunities y @moreLAsmiles! ¡Nuevos videos protagonizados por Grover y una canción de Elmo! http://morelasmiles.org/ElmosToothyDance #ElmosToothyDance

Elmo’s Toothy Dance Awareness Campaign