Elmo’s Toothy Dance Awareness Campaign

We are proud to partner with Sesame Street in Communities to conduct a children’s oral health awareness campaign with the aim of educating children, families, and caregivers about the importance of oral health.

Join us as we celebrate all-new videos starring some of our favorite famous furry friends – Grover and Elmo! You can support us by sharing our messages, and posting to your social media accounts by using the hashtag #ElmosToothyDance.

How to Support and Participate.

You can help support and contribute to our oral health awareness campaign across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please feel free to share our posts on your social channels as well.

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Children's Oral Health Videos

  • Starting Early

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/startingearly It’s time for your check-up with #DentistGrover! This video from @moreLAsmiles and Sesame Street in Communities shows regular dentist visits can be fun! #ElmosToothyDance
  • How Much Toothpaste?

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/toothpaste Do you know how much toothpaste kids ages 0-3 should use? #DentistGrover and friends will let you know! @moreLAsmiles @SesameCommunities #ElmosToothyDance
  • Tooth-Friendly Foods

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/healthysnacks Sugary drinks and snack may taste good, but they hurt your teeth! #DentistGrover recommends fruits, veggies and water instead. #ElmosToothyDance
  • Brushy, Booky, Nighty-Night

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/bedtimebrush It’s important to brush twice daily especially before bed! Watch this video from @moreLAsmiles & @SesameCommunity on the importance of routines. #ElmosToothyDance

Elmo's Toothy Dance!

Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/toothydance #ElmosToothyDance! This video from @SesameCommunity is perfect for kids to jam along to while learning healthy brushing habits! #GotMovesLikeElmo

Videos de salud bucal infantil

  • Empezar temprano

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/empezartemprano ¡Es hora de tu chequeo con #DentistGrover! Este video de @moreLAsmiles y Sesame Street in Communities muestra que las visitas regulares al dentista pueden ser divertidas. #ElmosToothyDance
  • ¿Cuánta pasta de dientes

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/pastadedientes ¿Sabe cuánta pasta de dientes deben usar los niños de 0 a 3 años? ¡#DentistGrover y tus amigos te lo harán saber! @moreLAsmiles @SesameCommunities #ElmosToothyDance
  • Alimentos preferidos de Diente Amigo

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/alimentos Las bebidas azucaradas y los bocadillos pueden tener buen sabor, ¡pero lastiman los dientes! #DentistGrover recomienda frutas, verduras y agua en su lugar. #ElmosToothyDance
  • El cuento del cepillo de buenas noches

    Share This Video: https://morelasmiles.org/cepillodebuenasnoches ¡Es importante cepillarse los dientes dos veces al día, especialmente antes de acostarse! Mire este video de @moreLAsmiles y @SesameCommunity sobre la importancia de las rutinas. #ElmosToothyDance

El baile Diente Amigo de Elmo

Comparte este video: https://morelasmiles.org/elbailediente #ElmosToothyDance! ¡Este video de @SesameCommunity es perfecto para que los niños bailen mientras aprenden hábitos saludables de cepillado! #GotMovesLikeElmo

Key Messages

Feel free to use these graphics on your social media channels to support children’s oral health. The goal of this campaign is to deliver key messages to parents, caregivers, and families in order to help transform the understanding and importance of proper children’s oral health and placing the child in a permanent dental home.

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Elmo’s Toothy Dance Awareness Campaign