Los Angeles Dental Registry and Referral System

Care. Refer. Improve.

The Los Angeles Dental Registry and Referral System (LADRRS) is a referral management tool designed to increase access to oral health services through electronic referrals.

Developed by More LA Smiles (MLAS), in partnership with Altarum, a national nonprofit, LADRRS aims to improve care coordination and communication among dental providers, medical providers, and care management teams in LA County in order to ensure consistent, quality oral health services for children in the county.

LADRRS does this by allowing users to document their treatment provided, identifies Dental Providers within the county who specialize in specific areas of Oral Health Care, and enables users to manage their care providing via the LADRRS Dashboard.


Users of the LADRRS tool will be able to experience:

  • Dental Provider Search and Filtering
  • Electronic Fax Submission
  • Referral Status Tracking
  • Status of Treatment Provided
  • Care Dashboard
  • Patient Education Materials
  • LADRRS Technical Assistance

Users and Access.

Medical and Dental Providers and staff, nurses, and hygienists are the intended users of LADRRS. Additional user types, such as social service providers and school health professionals are being reviewed for inclusion.

You can access LADRRS through Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration or independent sign-on.

How It Works.

LADRRS enables medical and dental care providers to:

  • Exchange information about a patient’s oral health status and use of oral health services
  • Streamline the process of placing, processing, and completing referrals
  • Improve communication between dentists and physicians to ensure patients receive timely care and treatment.

Data collected through LADRRS will help monitor the oral health status of Medi-Cal insured children and their utilization of dental services.


Feel free to download and print our overview of the LADRRS tool, and fact sheet answering questions of how the tool can and will be utilized.

Fact Sheet

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