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Contribute & Support

Help Us Sustain Happy, Healthy LA Smiles.

More LA Smiles Connections relies on continual contributions from the providers and community leaders in our network.

You can support the program in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing oral health educational materials, such as posters and fliers, for children, families and teachers
  • Helping distribute educational materials to appropriate audiences
  • Providing dental health supplies for children, such as children’s tooth brushes, toothpaste,andfloss
  • Providing fluoride varnish for preventive services at school sites.
  • Helping deliver otheroral health resources to schools and community organizations
  • Hosting community oral health fairs for children and families.
  • Providing a monetary donation

These contributions help us to continue our mission of transforming oral health care access in Los Angeles County. Through the provision of these services and resources outside of the clinical setting, More LA Smiles Connections works to enable all children an equal chance at a happy, healthy LA smile—the foundation vital to a healthy and successful life.

Who Can Contribute to Connections?

More LA Smiles Connections welcomes individuals and organizations interested in supporting the program to ensure children in need of oral health resources and services can receive them at no-cost.

  • Individuals looking to impact their LA community
  • Local LA companies or organizations interested in benefitting kids
  • Dental supply manufacturers
  • Health organizations
  • Dental insurance companies
  • Anyone interested in helping us sustain happy, healthy LA smiles!

Thank you to all of our current donors!