Sesame Street in Communities

We Can Help You Find the Way to Sesame Street

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sesame Street in Communities, a program designed to support organizations that unite communities, foster families’ and kids’ resilience, nurture physical and mental health, and provide critical early learning opportunities.

Our program director, Dr. Jim Crall, has had a long and fruitful relationship with Sesame Street over the years, and their dedication to creating healthy habits in early childhood made this partnership a perfect fit for More LA Smiles.

Together we have co-hosted ‘Comfy Cozy Spaces’ and oral health education events at local Los Angeles schools and clinics complete with a visit from a life-size Grover. During these events, children, parents, and teachers learned the importance of oral health, how to set brushing routines, and about teeth-healthy foods.

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Sesame Street Resources

Sesame Street also provides widely accessible essential resources, games, and activities that we and our partners can use to help educate families on the importance of oral health routines – and make it fun!

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Brush With Elmo: The Brushy Brush Song

Watch “Brushy Brush” together, in which Elmo sings about how to brush. Encourage children to pretend to brush their teeth as they listen, using their fingers as toothbrushes! Point out that Elmo brushes his teeth every day and every night.

Brush Your Teeth to This Song!

Play this video as kids groove along and brush their teeth. Show kids how to circle that brush round and round as the song plays. Remind them that the song lets you know how long you should brush their teeth.

Visiting the Dentist

Together, watch The Feelingwells visit the dentist. There, Bebe learns about all the different instruments the dentist uses to keep her teeth healthy. The dentist polishes her teeth to get them extra clean! Ask kids what they remember about their own visits to the dentists. Compared to the Feelingwells’ visit, what is the same and what is different?

Tooth-Friendly Foods

Watch the video together, then explain that certain foods are very good for our teeth.

Why Brushing Matters

Watch this video together, then ask kids why they think “The Captain” had to remind the boy to brush his teeth. Why are teeth so important, anyway? When it’s time to brush, ask kids if they can remember and explain in their own words what The Captain said about teeth.


Healthy Teeth Coloring Book

Print these pages, staple them together, and give kids their very own coloring book while they wait to see the dentist.

Super Brushing Zone

Print and color in this door hanger to create a Super Brushing Zone at home. Children can write their names on the bottom and hang this hanger on the bathroom door to show where the brushing happens!

Send a Smile

Print this page and fill out the Send a Smile message. Deliver this special message from little ones to someone who helps take care of their teeth—the dentist, the hygienist, and the office staff.

Super Teeth Certificate

Give kids this Super Teeth Certificate for keeping their teeth and bodies healthy and strong!

A-maze-ing Apples

Help kids move their fingers through the maze to help Grover find his way to the picnic. Ask children to name the crunchy foods they see along the way. Ask, What are your favorite crunchy fruits and vegetables?

Tooth-Brushing Chart

Print out this page and hang it at kids’ eye level near the sink where kids brush their teeth.


Tools of the Trade

It takes two tools to keep kids smiles healthy for a lifetime: a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Tooth Care: Ages and Stages

Here’s how to keep children’s smiles healthy at every age and stage!

Dentist Visits

Describing what will happen at the dentist can help visits go smoothly. Prepare by explaining the important job dentists do: they check teeth to make sure they are healthy.

10 Tips for Healthy Teeth

Ten Tips for a Healthy, Happy Smile


Brush Those Teeth

1. Play the game together with kids. Encourage them to talk about their actions as they play. For example, “I’m brushing in circles. I’m brushing the backs of the monster’s teeth!” 2. The next time children brush, have them pretend they are on Guy Smiley’s tooth-brushing game show.